Welcome back to the 2015 – 2016 school year. We hope you had a wonderful summer break.


  1. Check with your Association Rep to see what you can do
  2. Distribute flyers in staff mailboxes
  3. Collect for Phil and Pac
  4. Attend a meeting
  5. Get involved with Legislation

Let your Association Rep know what you are able to do.




BOE Elections 

The elections will be held in November

Candidates in order of ballot position:

  1. Deborah A. Anes
  2. William Araujo
  3. Dennis R. Pipala
  4. Shivi Prasad-Madhukar
  5. Kiel Thoms
  6. Ralph Errico
  7. Deborah Schildkraut
  8. Hollie A. Gilroy
  9. Richard Brescher

Radio City Christmas Spectacular Update

  1. Saturday, November 21
  2. There are bus seats available (no show)
  3. There are also show and bus tickets available
  4. If you are interested please contact
  5. UPDATE Radio City

Donation Request

The father of a family of 10 from JAMS was killed doing his job as a cab driver in Rahway. A Gofundme account has been established.

Premium Sharing Costs for Health Benefits

  • Located under Flyer & Forms – Health Benefits


Updated August 27, 2015