Education Roundtable

Chairperson: Michele Sileski 

The Education Roundtable meets several times a year with the various groups associated with the ETEA. There are roundtable meetings for Elementary, Secondary, Non-Certified, Security, and Nurses. The meetings provide opportunities to discuss matters affecting each group. When concerns cannot be resolved or need clarification, they are then brought to the District CCC for further discussion. If you are interested in participating in the Roundtable discussions, please reach out to Michele Sileski.

Educator Evaluation

Chairperson: Jerry Campione

The Evaluation Advisory Committee reviews the evaluation tools used for the respective groups of the ETEA. The committee also assists members with writing addendums for their evaluations. If you require assistance with your evaluation, please see your building representative or reach out to Jerry Campione.


Chairperson: Dawn Penny 

The Election Committee organizes and runs all elections associated with the ETEA. This includes elections for building representatives as well as ETEA officer elections. This committee also organizes voting if amendments to the ETEA Constitution or Bylaws need to be made. The Election Committee conducts the voting for contract ratification.


Chairperson: Tracie Smith 

The Ethics committee is activated when the need arises.

Health Benefits

Chairperson: Judy McQuillan

The Health Benefits Committee oversees all medical benefits including medical, dental, and prescription. The committee keeps members apprised of updates, changes, and concerns related to health benefits. 


Chairperson: Dawn Penny   

The Legislative Committee keeps the ETEA membership informed about legislation at the federal, state, and local levels of government. The committee promotes letter writing campaigns and phone banks when necessary to assist with voting. 

Grievance (PR & R)

Chairperson: Matt Hrevnak

The Grievance Committee reviews and identifies contract violations, reviews grievances, and represents members during the grievance process. 


Chairperson: Denise Babst

Pride builds a bridge between the community and ETEA. Pride sponsors building based community events as well as district-based events which include cookie trays for Thanksgiving, toy collections for the holidays, as well as fund raising events to donate to local charities.


Chairperson: Ellen Baxter

The Retiree Committee works with retired employees to keep them up to date on issues affecting retirees and events for retirees taking place in the Edison Schools.


Chairperson: Sue Campione

The Scholarship Committee evaluates scholarship applications for Edison High School and JP Stevens High School and awards scholarships to individuals at each of the high schools yearly. This committee also promotes fund raisers to support the scholarships program.


Chairperson: Michele Wenzel

The Social Committee provides opportunities for the ETEA membership to get together for social events. Some events include Halloween pumpkin picking, Holiday party, and end of the year baseball game.


Strategic Planning

Chairperson: Sue Cox

The Strategic Planning Committee works with other committees within the ETEA to provide support and assistance.