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If you are interested in remaining active in the ETEA as a retiree, please contact the ETEA office for additional information.

A message from John Gundry

I was once an avid news watcher, except for Fox.  Currently, turning to any of the news channels, one is subjected to a daily barrage of doses of murder, robberies, assaults, shootings, weather inaccuracies and Trump-isms. before anything of value is reported.  One wonders whether to hire a personal guard, hide at home, or pull the blankets up tight.  However, we know that the reported "newsworthy" information masks the good things that have made America great.  We must remember that our active participation is vital for positive change.       
It is important to commit to organizations that protect and support you including membership in the NJREA and paying attention to the matters involving the ETEA. 
While attending a recent luncheon of JP Steven's retirees, I was made aware that many were not NJREA members. The NJREA works to protect your benefits.  Their newsletter, (one of the best in the State and Nation) has vital information about your benefits. Your ETEA sponsors events that retirees can support.   
ETEA members face challenges like never before, such as a testing process that hinders innovative teaching practices, and rising insurance costs that reduce salary advances. Also, an evaluation plan that is really an attack on tenure, teaching freedom.  It is, in essence, a move to empower weak administrative leadership. Contact the ETEA office, 732-287-4322, or the ETEA website,, to understand what challenges current members face.   
This is a political year of great importance.  Get in the game!  Don't take a back seat!  Join the NJREA.  Remember there are those who will take advantage of your inactivity.     
Thank you for your consideration,
John Gundry       


2 Ethel Road, Suite 203A, Edison, NJ 08817
(732) 287-4322


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